D.J. Jordan Announces Transportation Agenda

Jordan: Traffic congestion is our region’s most important problem

WOODBRIDGE, VA – House of Delegates candidate, D.J. Jordan, today released a set of policy priorities aimed at reducing traffic congestion for the residents of Fauquier and Prince William Counties. If elected, D.J’s top policy focus will be transportation, as he believes it is the top problem for the District 31. CLICK HERE to read the policy agenda.

“Our region’s traffic congestion is a personal nightmare for me; I have commuted to work inside-the-beltway since college,” said Jordan. “I know what it’s like to miss a kid’s performance or football practice, because I am stuck in traffic. Traffic congestion is our region’s most important problem. We must move beyond partisan finger-pointing and work together on solutions that involve enhanced bus transit, rail, road construction, and more tele-working options.”

Jordan has already made a request to House of Delegates leadership to be appointed to the House Transportation Committee, if elected. Virginia has the third-largest state-maintained highway system in the United States. Unlike most states, the state agency maintains local streets (Arlington and Hanover are exceptions and some cities and towns). VDOT is responsible for about 57,000 miles of roads, bridges and tunnels. Altogether VDOT has a $5 billion total annual budget. VDOT is organized geographically into nine districts. Each district has an office and is headed by an administrator. The 31st District is part of two districts, the Northern Virginia District and Culpeper District.

Jordan has committed to meet with members of the Commonwealth Transportation Board, the 17 member board, mostly private citizens from around the state appointed by Governor to provide overall direction, especially in planning and allocating transportation money. Construction and road/highway improvements are guided by six year plan approved by Commonwealth Transportation Board.

CLICK HERE to read the full policy agenda.