Jordan Campaign Exposes False Attacks

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WOODBRIDGE, VA – The D.J. Jordan for Delegate campaign today responded to the false attacks from the Elizabeth Guzman for Delegate campaign. They created a webpage that points out misinformation from the Guzman campaign and clears up any confusion that voters may have. The webpage is found at

“While our campaign has been focused on facts and policy differences, the Elizabeth Guzman campaign has been focused on trying to confuse voters about D.J. Jordan’s character and policy positions,” said Eric Paige, campaign manager for the D.J. for Delegate campaign. “It’s obvious that Delegate Guzman wants to distract voters from her record.”

Below is a summary of a few votes and bills that Delegate Guzman does not want the voters to be aware of:

  • Delegate Guzman co-sponsored the Repeal Act (HB2491), a bill introduced by Delegate Kathy Tran, that would remove many restrictions on abortion in the third trimester of pregnancy, including up to the moment of birth.
  • Delegate Guzman sponsored a Constitutional amendment (HJ598) to give prisoners the ability to vote while in prison, even those convicted of rape, murder, or terrorism.
  • Delegate Guzman voted against a bill (HB 2107) that would make sure that parents have the right to review public school audio-visual materials that contain graphic sexual content in anti-bullying lessons before their child sees it.
  • Delegate Guzman received an “F” grade in both years of her term in the House of Delegates from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for her anti-business voting record.


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